High Availability / Redundancy

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Kuatro Technologies provides redundancy solutions that protect your systems against software, hardware and network failures. Kuatro’s engineers have designed and developed many complex redundant protocols for varied platforms. Implemented both in hardware and software to enable less time critical controlled upgrades of hardware and/or software or time critical switchovers measured in milliseconds.

Kuatro can help you design solutions to select active and protection elements, to journal configuration and state information between components, to do switchovers in a timely fashion and recognize when a previously failed component has recovered.

Our expertise in redundancy also extends to virtualized environments. Kuatro can help you use built-in redundancy features of hypervisors to protect against failure at the application, virtual and/or the physical machine running the hypervisor.

Expertise in High Availability design:


  • Solutions are portable across multiple platforms, e.g. hypervisors, operating systems, network devices


  • Availability is a key factor in the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) Security Triad.


  • Redundancy switchover in milliseconds or higher tailored to the system or application requirements.


  • Kuatro’s design team has successfully developed high availability systems that are deployed in today’s Carrier and IT networks.

System Level: Mobile network systems. Configuration data is constantly synchronized between the active and standby systems that allows for failure recovery within industry standards.

Between redundant modules: Automatic protection switch of OC48 network modules to protect against failure of the active link or active module. As per the SONET/SDH standards the switchover occurs within 50 milliseconds from the time the failure is detected.

Carrier Grade Ethernet Protection Protocols: Kuatro expertise in high availability and redundant systems has been embedded in our suite of InterPort products. These include a number of protection mechanisms that have been integrated and field proven on a variety of platforms: link aggregation, ethernet path protection, ethernet ring protection, rapid spanning tree and multiple spanning tree protocols.