Essay Writing Format While preparing essays of this type, you organize and discuss the causes and effects of a particular topic. Cause and effect rely on each other. There could not be one without the other. They may be interconnected in various forms. And sometimes it is difficult to point out which is the cause and which is the effect. That is why they must be organized in appropriate forms.

The following example displays one cause producing one effect

Simple cause-and-effect link.
Extreme weather conditions.
Damage of property.
Or investigation link.
The plane crashed.
Cause might be:
Mechanical error/Extreme whether condition/Terrorism action/Pilot fault.
Also, there could be a multiple causes and multiple effects and here they are:


Lack of education.
Bed physical condition.
Living in stress.
Bed psychical condition.
Economic instability.
Lack of social government programs.

May lead to such effects:


While you brainstorming some situation or chain of events for your topic or main idea of your oncoming essay, you also picking up more appropriated and more related causes and effects for your writing. Remember to support your statements with truthful information.

Cause and Effect Essay could be organized as following three major types:

Multiple causes lead to a single effect. The following is an example:


Urban sprawl.
Chemical development.


  • Environmental pollution.
    Multiple effects derive from a single cause:
    Financial well-being.
    Good living condition.
    Travel opportunity.
    Various possibilities.

However, sometimes cause and effect link is more complicated. The events lead to one another in a causal chain. The following is an example of this reaction:
Theses: Wishing to have a perfect body can bring you to a death.

Chain reaction: Wish to have a perfect afraid of gaining weighphysical and psychical condition…anorexia…death.
Expand your thesis statement. Write it clearly what you are discussing causes or effects, or both. Present your main idea, using the terms If there are too many causes to handle in the range of an essay, the decision should be taken what are the main causes which should be emphasized, what are the minor causes? As well it could be a suggestion to the readers that there are some other relative minor causes and is not included in the scope of this particular essay. ‘

Examine the events, carry out research and organize supporting statements. Maintain your thesis with relevant and ample details that are organized. The organization of details might be in the following ways:

Chronological order:
Details are organized in order to follow one event after another in time. Transition words in this pattern are then, afterward, the following morning, next, that Sunday, earlier, later, a few hours later, by noon, when, that month, and so on.

The following is an example of chronological order:


My daughter overslept.


She missed the school bus.

She came late to the class.

Missed exam on 9:30.

Order of importance

Arrangement of details is coming from least important to most important or backward. Typical transition wards in this pattern are В more important, less important, equally important, most difficult, list difficult, still harder, worse yet, better yet, even more, and so on.

The following is an example of order of importance:

Private automobile.


Insecurity of the street.

Air pollution.

Crowded out real meaning of transport.

Categorical order:

Arrangement of details occurs by dividing the topic into parts or categories. Transition wards for causes are because,В since,В for,В so,В due to, one cause is, another is, and so on. For effects are as a result,В consequently,В thus, hence, resulted in, one result is, another is, therefore, also,В finally,В in addition, and so on.

The following is an example of categorical order:


The stock market crash ushered in the Great Depression.

Effects break into categories:

Economic effect: money lost value, some companies crashed, banks lost trust;

Social effect: poverty and homelessness increase, brigandage increases;

Public effect: В resourcefulness increases, patriotism decrease, low self-respect.

To blend details smoothly dont forget to use the transitional words and phrases. It is advised to focus on the most latest and direct causes and effects. To strengthen your essay use supporting information, give examples, provide the reader with facts. Cause and effect essay could be finished with a call for action.

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